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Jennifer Ancona - Black Belt Salsa, Certified Red BeltDear Edie,

Words are difficult to express to someone who has altered my life. Your being has touched me in such a magnificent way and it’s only an attribute to the magic you create wherever you are.

Being an Apprentice in the BBS system not only taught me how technical & precise Salsa must be to execute style and grace together, but it also assisted in melting the huge icebergs of past wounds, which allowed me to integrate a balance between steam and water flowing off the rock. (Only BBS students will get this!)

Yes, the Apprentice training was hard work but every moment was more than worth it. I gained a sense of self that allowed me to say ‘good-bye’ to playing small in life and ‘hello’ to a much larger journey toward my authentic self. I know confidence, trust, abundance & peace are now with me always.

For you, Edie, I am most grateful for your expertise, insight, and willingness to serve others. May you continue to be blessed in all you do! You are unrepeatable! For BBS, it’s an extraordinary system that enters your soul and teaches you how to be a “Bad Ass” dancer!

Thank you, Edie! And thank you, BBS - a system that is continually being built by people like you and me who love to dance!

Be an Apprentice and watch your life explode to new heights before your very eyes!

- Jennifer Ancona
Certified Pro BBS Red Belt



Another Testiminonial...

edie the salsa freakDear Edie,
I know I never say much but I'd like to take the opportunity to thank you for changing my life and making me a better dancer.
Before Salsa my daily routine was going to work for eight hours , then going home and crawling in my bed and feeling sorry for myself. I did this almost every day for three years.

I know that I don't do much social dancing but I'm happy being an apprentice and my mom is happy that I leave my house other than for work and that I have friends now.

It's such a privilege to be learning from the best.
Thank you.-
LH - Denver, CO

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